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Royal Perth Hospital is Western Australia's premier teaching hospital, providing a full range of emergency services for adults (except obstetrics) and serving as the State referral centre for many super-specialities.

Areas of excellence include interventional neuroradiology, cardiac and lung transplant, burns management, bone marrow transplantation, rehabilitation medicine and trauma services.

RPH has hosted many significant breakthroughs in medical research - significantly, the bacterium Helicobactor pylori, which was found to cause stomach ulcers, and won the 2005 Nobel Prize for former staff members Dr Robin Warren and Professor Barry Marshall.

The hospital is divided between two campuses: Wellington Street campus in the centre of Perth, and Shenton Park campus six kilometres away.

The hospital treats about 67,000 in-patients a year, receives about 270,000 outpatient attendances a year, and has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Australia, with more than 64,000 presentations a year.

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